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Since 1978
Well ahead of the “Organic” food trend

Over thirty years ago Brothers Chris and Kevin Schneider helped start the Organic and All-Natural food trend in the Hudson Valley. Although it may seem like a recent trend, the organic and sustainable “Buy Local” movement has been around for many decades. In 1978, when the Kingston New York Storehouse opened, Mother Earth’s was an unlikely competitor to larger food chains. They had their own niche and it was selling locally produced food and supplements. Few if any of the corporate stores gave serious consideration to health-conscious customers. It was a fringe of the market that they were willing to ignore.

Even though local farms were more plentiful back then, few farmers realized the growing popularity of “All-Natural” and “Organic” foods. Nowadays, just about every customer-conscious food market has a shelf or section dedicated to health-related products. Though modest in size, compared to the “big-box” supermarkets, Mother Earth’s Storehouse has always been focused on wholesome, nutritious foods and supplements that are not ladened with artificial ingredients. Like the song proclaims, “We were country when it wasn’t cool”. Well, they were all-natural when it wasn’t cool.

Come experience Mother Earth’s at either of their convenient Hudson Valley locations in Kingston and Saugerties.

“Live Well…Naturally”